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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Rental Period

The minimum rental period is 24 hours in daily rental.

Driver's License and Renting Age

Lessor is the person's age over 18 and have obtained the driver's license is sufficient.


In day-to-hire rental payments in cash and promissory notes received for the period until the vehicle returns. Vehicle delivery of collateral securities shall be returned to the customer.

Insurance Information and Liabilities:

elements that must be followed in order to be valid, damage and theft insurance in the case are as follows.

Without moving the tool in place in case of accident accident and alcohol report have been met by the police or gendarmerie

The vehicle must be used under the influence of alcohol and drugs and gross negligence, malice and lack of defects

Pıhlıs the rented vehicle in case of theft of the vehicle's key Renta care delivery

All of this report no later than within 3 days of delivery Pıhlıs Renta care

Failure to comply with this Article shall be deemed invalid insurance.

In the car renter's personal belongings insurance coverage dışındadır.kaz the case material and Highways of non-pecuniary damage suffered by the 2nd and 3rd parties Traffic Insurance in the tenant is responsible for the excess of the figure mentioned, can not claim any compensation from Carr Pıhlıs Renta.

Traffic Fines:

The tenant is responsible for all kinds of traffic fines and legal interest during the contract period.

late Return

Rent is calculated over 24 hours. In cases exceeding 3 hours are charged at the full daily rate.

Additional Services

Baby Seat, Navigation and the second user is provided for a fee